Apply for kindergarten

Student Kindergarten is an offer to all students with children, who pay semester fee to Sit.

If you need kindergarten in August, you have to apply the main admission at March 1. Apply for kindergarten through Trondheim Kommunes form. Please enter Sit Barn as an option and you will be considered for admission in all our kindergartens.

Apply for kindergarten


Maximum price for a place in the kindergarten is 3000,- NOK. You can apply for moderation on financially grounds. Read more and send your application to Trondheim kommune. Moderation will be granted from the month Trondheim municipality has received your application with documentation.

In addition to dues rates you have to pay 350 NOK in food costs.

Sibling moderation

If you have two children in the kindergarten we will give you 25% reduction in your payment per child.

If you have three or more children in the kindergarten we will give you 75% reduction in your payment.