Work at Moholt

Work being done at Moholt student village

Rehabilitation of shared flats in Herman krags veg (REH)

Time: Ongoing until autumn 2018

Activity: Interior restoration ropughly consisting of interior surfaces, new kitchen, new bathroom, and new wardrobes. Technical rooms and entrances are also upgraded.

Rehabilitation of apartments in Moholt alle and Prestekragevegen (RL)

Time (Moholt alle): Ongoing until end of year 2018
Time (Prestekragevegen):  Winter 2019 until summer 2020

Activity: Replacing of water and sewer pipes, upgrading of bathroom, upgrading of electrical installation, repainting of surfaces.

Terminal building for pnaumatic waste unit (AFS)

Time: November 2017 to autumn 2018

Activity: A pneumatic waste unit has been built in connection with Moholt allmenning and Moholt kindergarten. The terminal building will be located between Moholt alle 7 and 9. The tube guides are already in place in the ground on the premises.

Moholt allmenning 1 (MAL1)

Time: October 2017 and throughout 2018

Activity: A building is planned that will house the district library, a cafe and a student house.

Rehabilitation of the student basements at Moholt (LK)

Time: Ongoing until end of summer 2018

Activity: Facilitate re-opening of 8 student basments in Herman krags veg for use as assembly rooms.

Local activity from other parties

  • Expansion of Jonsvannsveien/Metrobuss
    Time: February 2018 - Summer 2019
    Responsible party: Trondheim kommune
    Direct your questions to: or
  • Building activity at Cecilie Løvøs vei 2
    Time: Ongoing
    Responsible party: Trøndelag Bolig/Rostu att: Robert Keim-Varslot
    Direct your questions to: Mobile: 40552450, Email:
  • Building activity at Cecilie Løvøs vei 14
    Time: Ongoing
    Responsible party: 
    Direct your questions to: We will come back with contact information