Price list for additional services and fees in Sit Bolig

Services and fees related to failure to uphold obligations according to the Tenancy agreement or Regulations for student housing will be invoiced. During your tenancy these fees will be added to your invoice for rent. The fees cover actual expenses for repairs and can be changed without prior notice. Expenses not covered by this list can occur. If so, you will be notified.

Fire detection / alarm  
Damage to the fire detection system NOK 1500
Dismantling, covering or removing fire detection unit NOK 1500
Security company call-out to false fire alarm caused by negligent behaviour  NOK 850
If a fire alarm caused by negligent behaviour leads to a call-out from the Fire Department, the invoice from the Fire Department will be forwarded to the tenant for up to NOK 5000 NOK 5000
Cleaning after inspection or moving out  
Cleaning, per work hour per cleaner NOK 500
Smoking, incense, and the like, cause the need for thorough cleaning, repainting, replacing of furniture, etc. The costs are charged to the tenant for each commenced working hour
The tenant will be charged for the costs of materials and furniture in addition to work hours used.
from NOK 500
Moving out after contract has ended  
If a tenant fails to move out or return all keys when the housing contract has ended, a fee will be charged to cover expenses related to this. Up to NOK 500
per day
Additional inspection of the residence due to delayed vacating NOK 150
Reminder fees, debt collection etc.  

Standard rates for fees and debt collection apply
If you have any questions, please contact Visma

Use of washing machine, including use of tumble dryer NOK 23
Unlocking room or apartment  
Security company call-out to unlock room or apartment NOK 525
Security company call-out to hand out keys on behalf of Sit Bolig NOK 1050
Security company call-out regarding breach of quiet time, excessive noise, and similar disturbances NOK 1050
Purchase of new, or replacing broken or unreturned  
Water block for dish washer NOK 200
Computer or television adapter NOK 650
Waterproof sheet for mattress NOK 450
Network cable NOK 150
Loss of key  

Only Sit can order new keys and change the lock cylinders.

If a tenant loses the house key, the tenant must notify Sit Bolig, who will change the lock cylinder(s) and order new keys. The tenant must cover this cost with up to NOK 5000.

If the tenant fails to return all original keys upon moving out, the lock cylinder(s) will be changed. The tenant must cover this cost with up to NOK 5000.

NB! The keys Sit Bolig order are coded, and illegally copied keys will be discovered upon return.
It is possible to borrow a spare key for free for up to 1 week while looking for the lost key.

up to NOK 5000
Lost items  
Access chip NOK 200
Replacing unreturned garage opener NOK 1000