Other support services

Other support services

Unfortunately, the team at Sit can’t help you with everything, but we can help you navigate quicker to where you can get the right help.

Local services

General practitioner (GP)

The GP or the GP office you belong to is your main contact in the healthcare system. It is recommended that you have a GP in the city where you spend most of your time.

About general practitioner

Psykisk helse, Trondheim kommune

Trondheim municipality has a number of offers for you who are having a hard time or want to learn more about how you can take care of your mental health.

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Friskliv og mestring, Trondheim kommune

Friskliv og mestring is an offer for those who want support for changing lifestyles and better coping in everyday life. Trondheim municipality offers a customized and time-limited offer based on individual guidance and group offers.

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Substance abuse services, Trondheim kommune

Trondheim municipality has various offers in the area of ​​addiction. The reception and follow-up center (MO) in Trondheim is a free service for people who have problems with substance abuse.

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Blue Cross Norway Compass

Blue Cross Norway Compass in Trondheim offers free therapy and counselling for young people who have grown up in a home with alcohol or other substance abuse problems.

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Mental health outpatient clinic at NTNU

Therapy at this clinic is performed by advanced students at NTNU’s professional studies for psychology.

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Student guidance 

The student adviser is your primary contact for questions regarding your studies, how to tackle life as a student or career matters.

Student adviser at NTNU

Student adviser at DMMH

Ombud for students

The Ombud for students is an independent and impartial person whose main function is to ensure that the higher education institution safeguards the students’ legal rights related to their studies.

Ombud for students NTNU

Ombud for students BI

Ombud for students DMMH

University chaplain and Student humanist

Need a trusted conversation partner? If so, the university chaplains or the student humanists can be the right service for you.

University chaplain in Trondheim

Student humanist in Trondheim

St. Olavs Hospital 


This is a free meeting place for cancer patients and their families, where you can take a break, exchange experiences and receive advice and help – electronically and face-to-face.

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ROS – Consulting about eating disorders in Trøndelag

The ROS centre is a free meeting place for people who need someone to talk to when their relationship with food, body and exercise becomes a burden in everyday life.

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The Family Counselling Service

The Family Counselling Service offers free services such as couples therapy, family therapy and mediation in connection with legal separation or the breakdown of relationships.

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ATV Trondheim: Alternatives to Violence

ATV in Trondheim offers individual conversations and group therapy for people who want to stop using violence as well as for people who have been exposed to violence from others.

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Nok Trondheim: Centre for victims of sexual assault

This is a free, low-threshold service for victims of sexual assault and their families.

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National services


Hjelpetelefonen (The help line) is a free and anonymous service from Mental Helse for those who need someone to talk to (available 24/7).

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Phone and chat services

HelseNorge has compiled an overview of phone and chat services for those requiring someone to talk to or chat with.

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Eating Disorder Association

Spiseforstyrrelsesforeningen (The eating disorder association) is an offer for you who experience a difficult relationship with food, body and weight - regardless of diagnostic criteria.

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Jentevakta (The girl guard) is an anonymous chat and phone service for young girls and women. Talk to them about your challenges, big or small! Jentevakta has a duty of confidentiality.

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Kirkens SOS

Kirkens SOS (Church SOS) has a 24-hour crisis service on both the phone and online. They work with suicide prevention and to relieve the pain of emotional and existential crises.

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Landsforeningen for etterlatte ved selvmord (LEVE)

LEVE works to support bereaved and those affected by suicide.

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PIO-senteret: rådgivning for pårørende

PIO-senteret offers counseling sessions for bereaved, whether you are a child, sibling, lover, spouse or just a good study friend.

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Amathea offers information and guidance on choices related to pregnancy and abortion.

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