NB! Due to the infection situation in Trondheim all consultations/conversations will be held digitally. You can read more about our digital consultation service here.

All of us can experience difficult periods at some point in our lives and then it can be good to talk to a neutral individual.

Don’t be afraid to contact us! We offer short-term psychotherapy for mild to moderate mental health problems. We are a team of clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses and clinical psychologists.

If you have serious mental health problem, please contact your GP and ask for a referral to the specialist health service.

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Book a registration consultation

In order to book a registration consultation with us you need to contact us by phone: 73 53 86 30. This consultation is free, and this is where you and a therapist talk about what you want help with. Sometimes we can recommend services from other therapists or agencies.

Have you previously received treatment for milder to moderate mental health problems? Then you must bring a referral from your GP in relation to your previous treatment and your current needs. Such a referral will be considered at this registration consultation.

When the registration consultation has been completed and it has been clarified that you will receive treatment from us, there will be some waiting time before the treatment process starts. Currently, it’s approximately 2-4 weeks of waiting time.


You do not pay for the registration consultation, but when you start treatment with us you pay 200 NOK for the first four hours, a total of 800 NOK. All hours after that are free.

We use PayEx Checkout (mobile payment for cards, invoices and Vipps) payment solution. After 48 hours, an invoice will be issued to your registered address. We therefore recommend that you try to pay via SMS within 48 hours.

If you have problems with the payment solution, you can call +47 22 03 63 40 and get help.

Emergency care

Sit doesn’t offer any emergency services. It’s your GP who is your main contact with the Norwegian health service. Contact your local out-of-hours medical centre on 116 117 when the GP is unavailable, and you need immediate medical assistance. In the event of an accident or serious incident where you need emergency medical assistance, you should call 113.

You can also contact Nidaros DPS or Tiller DPS which are outpatient emergency teams that offer emergency mental health care for people over 18 years of age.

I’m an exchange student, how can I get help?

Contact the local health service at the place you’re studying. Are you a member of ANSA? Read more about their service here.

Other services

Health blog

Our health blog is being constantly updated, have a look for information and resources on psychological health matters. Many but not all blog posts are in English.

Trondheim Municipality

Trondheim Muncipality has several services targeting psychological health and well being in the community, and students are welcome to make use of these. Unfortunately it is not provided on English on their webpage. They also provide update information on the Corona situation in Trondheim City.