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Book an appointment

If you are a student and have paid the semester fee to Sit, you can book an appointment at our psychological health service. This means that if you are a PhD student with salary and have not paid the semester fee to Sit, we unfortunately can’t provide this service.  

You can book an appointment by telephone, or you are welcome to pay us a visit at Bregneveien 65, 7050 Trondheim.

The first registration appointment is free of charge. The four next appointments cost 150 NOK per session.

Do you need help?

Everyone can meet challenges that are difficult to deal with. Maybe you have problems you dont know how to handle? It can be related to studies, family, friends or simply life itself. Problems and bad thoughts that persist can make everyday life difficult. If it affects the quality of your life, it might be time to seek help.

A low threshold offer

This is a low threshold and short term offer, which is intended for those who need to talk to a "neutral" person. You do not need a doctor's referral to get an appointment. Here you can talk to skilled health personnel like psychologists, psychiatric nurses or clinical social workers, in safe surroundings.

Our offer

At first you will be offered a registration conversation. Here you have the opprtunity to explain what you need help with. Together we will discuss how we can help you. Sometimes we may recommend treatment with other professionals who are better suited to help you. We usually have a waiting list, so it may take some time before you get treatment.

About the treatment

The treatment often starts with an agreement about your goal, what we are going to focus on and which problems we are going to work on. The treatment is hard work, especially for you. We expect that you are ready to work on your problems. Then you have a better chance to reduce or even get rid of them. The therapist will assist you in the process. 

Together with the therapist you will work to understand and master your difficulties. This way you will function better in everyday life. Throughout the work you will get to know yourself, your feelings and your thougths better. This way you can come closer to an answer on what may have caused your problems.

Our treatment is not included in Sit health refund scheme.