NB! Due to the infection situation in Trondheim all consultations/conversations will be held digitally.

About our service 

Our therapists are clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses and clinical psychologists. We offer short-term psychotherapy for mild to moderate mental health problems. If you have a severe mental health issue you will have the right for treatment in the public health clinics, contact your GP for a referral.

If you need immediate help, please contact your local GP or the emergency senters listet at the bottom of this page.

Fore those who have established contact with us: 73 53 86 30

If you are an exchange student: Contact a local health service at the place of study in the country you are in. If you are registered in ANSA, they also have an offer that may be relevant to you. If you can wait until you return to Trondheim and the campus here, please contact us in the usual way.

Digital and physical treatment

We still offer face to face consultations. In addition, we've established an alternative digital treatment through telework/online video consultation and phone.

Digital patient contact will be conducted in two different ways:

Digital sessions are as of now free of charge (you´ll be notified when this change).

Formalities regarding online tele-therapy:

Video and phone consultations is our current treatment alternative, this is new to us but so far the responses are promising. It is up to you weather you want to try this or be put on our waiting list, we do not now know how long the current restrictions from the government will last.

  • When you participate in online treatment you consent to receive treatment in our health service as usual. Crucual health information will be registered in our journal system as we do with all patient contact.
  • Confidentiality applies as normal and in accordance with the health personell law. However, it is important to remember that you have to take measures to keep your side of the conversation in accordance with confidentiality, as we can´t control the room you´re sitting in. Please sit in a private room.
  • The conversation and video material is encrypted and will not be stored online or on any servers.

Practical information regarding video consultation:

  • Laptop/computer with webcamera and microphone is preferable but Ipad or smart phone can also be used.
  • Headset gives the best sound, reduces disturbing noises and keeps others close to you from listening to the conversation. If you use speakers you should sit in a room where no one can hear you.
  • You need to have fairly good internet access and avoid open public networks. You can also use mobilenet/4G, but usually this cost a bit of money.
  • You will receive a SMS with a link to a webpage that you put into your web browser and log on from there. If you have a foreign number (number not starting with +47) we have to send you the link on your e-mail. Please be aware that you have to approve of e-mail contact, as it is not complient with the general requirements for safe patient contact.
  • We recommend you log on using BankID if you have this available, as it has the highest security assessment.
  • Log on 10 minutes before the session starts as it takes some time to set up.

If you need immediate help, please contact your local GP or the emergency senters listed at the bottom of this page.

Other services

Health blog

Our health blog is being constantly updated, have a look for information and resources on psychological health matters. Many but not all blog posts are in English.

Trondheim Municipality

Trondheim Muncipality has several services targeting psychological health and well being in the community, and students are welcome to make use of these. Unfortunately it is not provided on English on their webpage. They also provide update information on the Corona situation in Trondheim City.

Need for emergency help?