Peer Support

Peer Support Scheme

– for you who think that there are a lot of new things to comprehend with. 

New in town and need someone to talk to?

Are you a new student in Trondheim?  We know that starting somewhere new can be quite though and overwhelming, especially at the beginning. At Sit we offer a Peer Support Scheme for students in Trondheim. This is a support-service for you who think that there are a lot of new things to comprehend with as a student.

At our support scheme you will meet students who have already been in your position and who can offer advice and guidance based on their own student experience. Everything you talk about to a Peer Supporter is kept between you and them. They can offer support, give a fresh perspective, and they are genuinely interested in listening to you.

How is this different from our other support-services? It is simply that this is an informal and student-led form of support, which can make one feel more at ease than in a formal support-setting. 

Here are some examples on situations where our Peer Supporters can help you:
  • you are living in a student flat for the first time and find various situations challenging.
  • you feel homesick and need some encouragement.
  • you find it difficult fitting in and cannot find a proper group of friends.
  • you feel new. Even if you are not a new student, you can feel new if you have not been able to take part in the student life, due to for example the covid-19 pandemic.
  • you find it difficult to interact with others after the pandemic. With the peer supporters, you can practice small talk in a safe environment.
  • you need help sorting through your thoughts. Maybe there is an overwhelming amount to deal with right now. It might be good to talk to someone with an outside perspective who can help you get on top of things.

Booking and contact

Booking and contact

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The Peer Support scheme – meet a student who have been in your position and is here to listen. 

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Opening hours

Drivhuset, Olav Tryggvasons gt. 48

  • Fridays between 9am and 3pm

Dragvoll, building 2, level 3, room 2334

  • Thursdays between 12pm and 6pm

Studentsenteret, Gløshaugen, Gamle Kjemi

  • Monday to Friday between 4pm to 5pm