Individual therapy

Individual consultations are a therapy course with one of our therapists. Our therapists have long experience and good knowledge of the many aspects and challenges a student might face during their daily life. Together with your therapist, you will agree on what challenges you want to work on, what’s the goal of the treatment course and how you will collaborate.


Photo: Sit | Øystein Hermstad


Individual therapy can be considered a job – for you and for your therapist. The therapist will assist you during the treatment course. Together, you’ll work to better understand, ease, and master the challenges you are facing. During therapy you will get to know yourself better – you will get a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings.

Our therapists consist of a team of professional clinical sociologists, psychiatric nurses and psychology specialists. After the mapping consultation, you will either receive treatment with one of our therapists or we will recommend treatment from another service or agency.