Group therapy

Group therapy is a treatment course that takes place in groups. Sit mental health service offer different type of therapy groups: stress and mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and anxiety and social phobia. Some of our therapy groups are designed to target a specific problem, while others are more open and can target different types of challenges students might face.

Photo: Sit | Øystein Hermstad

Group therapy can be very rewarding for the individuals that take part of it. Regularly talking and listening to others can help you put your own problems in perspective. Oftentimes, you might feel that you are the only one struggling – but you’re not. It can therefore be a relief to hear what others might be going through and share your perspectives on common life challenges and problems you might face as a student.

It might seem a bit intimidation to join group therapy, having to share your inner thoughts and feelings with other students. It is quite common that students are a bit sceptical to join a therapy group. However, we offer a free and non-binding consultation if you’re interested in learning more about group therapy and what it entails. During this consultation you’ll get the chance to ask us any questions you might have, and we’ll also assess whether this form of treatment is the right one for you.