Dental care refund

The dental care refund was established to provide support for students with extraordinary dentist-related expenses. As a student affiliated with Sit you can apply for a refund if you have expenses for dental treatment during a calendar year.

What is covered?

  • Dental examination 250,- NOK
  • 50% of expenses between 2000 and 10 000 NOK
  • 75% of expenses between 10 000 and 25 000 NOK
  • Dental treatment
  • Treatment for dental disease and operations in the tooth and mouth that are nessasary
  • Drawing of wisdom teeth
  • If you need anesthetic medications or nitrous oxide, we need a document from your doctor or psychologist.

Expenses over 10 000 NOK?
If you know that the costs will be between 10 000 NOK and 25 000 NOK, you must apply for approval from Sit.
75% will be covered if you meet the requirements for refund.

Apply for approval by sending us a letter:

Postboks 2460 Torgarden
7005 Trondheim

How to apply?

Dental care refunds : Apply here (Norwegian only)


You can apply for dental care refund during the whole year. The deadline to apply for dental care refund is 8 weeks after the invoice date.



Cheapest dentist

For your convenience The Consumer Council has a list of the cheapest dentists. The overview is based on which dentist offers the cheapest dental examination.

All dental refunds

If you have larger expenses due to necessary dental treatment, you can apply for a refund.

To apply you need to print out and fill in the application form.

Dental examination refund

Take a dental examination, and Sit will reimburse you 250 NOK. You decide which dentist to go to, just remember to ask for a student discount. A dental examination usually consists of three steps: dental x-rays, visual examination and a basic rinsing of teeth/removal of tartar.

Dental treatment refund

Read more about dental health refund.