Switching rooms and subletting

Moving out

Information about terminating your lease and moving out

Switching room or apartment

If you want to move to another collective or apartment, you apply at hybel.sit.no. Please note that you must apply even if you just want to switch to another room the collective where you live. You have to be up to date on all payments before you can switch, but you do not have to pay a new deposit. If there is a larger deposit where you move, you have to pay the difference.


Subleasing means that you let another student live in your room or apartment, while you remain the contract holder and the accountable party should any breaches of contract happen during the subleasing period. You can sublease your room or apartment to another student who attends, and has paid a semester fee to, a school or university associated with Sit. You can not sublease your room or apartment without Sit Bolig's approval. Fore more information, please contact Sit Bolig.

Summer leasing

Summer leasing works in the same way as subleasing, except:

  • You can lease to students attending an academy or a university that does not necessarilly collaborate with Sit
  • It is only allowed between 1 June and 30 August  

For more information about summer leasing, please contact Sit Bolig.


We wish to make it easy for friends to move in together, in the same shared kitchen.

Recommending a friend to your shared kitchen

If a room in your shared kitchen becomes available, and you wish to have a friend move in, you do the following:

  • Send us an email with a recommendation of your friend. Don't forget to specify your address and which room the recommendation is for. Please keep in mind that we can be very busy periodically, so send your recommendation as early as possible!
  • Make sure your friend submits an application for housing at hybel.sit.no, supplying the address of your shared kitchen and the room number the recommendation is for in the commentary field.
  • The recommendation must be sent before or at the same time as the tenant moving out submits his or her termination of lease.

A housing applicant that has been recommended is given priority for that specific room. Please note that there may be circumstances where we are unable to take the recommendation into account.

You can only recommend someone for a private room, not for apartments.


Living with friends

If you and one or more of your friends wish to move in together, you can do the following:

  • Submit separate applications on hybel.sit.no
  • In the comment field you name the person(s) you wish to share with
  • Specify if you only wish an offer for housing if you can move in together, or if you also wish to receive an offer separately

Please note that it can take quite a while for multiple rooms in the same shared kitchen becomes available. To ensure you get an offer for housing, we highly recommend that you accept the first offer you're given, even if it is not for a place you can share with your friends. All of you can then submit new applications, using the method described above.