Sørbyen student housing

Sørbyen studentboliger fra luften

Resident information


Internet is included in your rent.

Read more about Sit's Internet service


Mailboxes are located right inside the main entrance.

Waste disposal

Trash bins and containers are located behind the building. There are specified bins for general waste, cardboard/paper and glass/metal respectively. Plastic is disposed in a separate shed.

Storage room

Storage rooms are located on the ground floor and in the basement.


There is a limited amount of parking spots available. You book parking in the same way and place as you book housing. It is not allowed to park in the area before you have received a parking certificate from the Sit Housing reception at campus.

Book parking here

Parking for bicycles

There is a fenced off slot for bicycle parking behind the building.


The laundry is located on the ground floor.

Using the laundry

Damages, defects and malfunctions

If you need to get in touch with our caretakers, or want to report a technical problem in your residence, you can submit your request online. Go to bolig.sit.no, log in to My page and select Contact us - Contact caretaker.


You are reponsible for keeping your own residence cleaned. This includes the balcony, if you have one. The tenants are jointly responsible for cleaning all shared facilities, such as common rooms, kitchens, including refrigerators and electric stoves, corridors, and entrances. Make a roster.

Moving, switching, subletting

Read more about moving between student villages and housings, and how to sublet your residence 

Services and fees

An overview of the most common services and fees

Challenges as a resident

Do you find living in a shared kitchen to be challenging? Is cooperating with your neighbour difficult? Are you worried about someone you live with? Contact [email protected] and we will help you.