Practical information

Moving in

When moving in, you collect your housing key from Sit's office in Teknologiveien 22 (building G) at NTNU.

Our office is open Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 3.00 pm. We are closed between 11.00 am. and 11.30 am.

Damages and defects

If you discover any damages or defects in your aparment or room when moving in, or damages or defects occur during your tenancy, this must be reported to us as quickly as possible via

If there is a water leak in the apartment outside Sit's ordinary opening hours, you must contact the following company: GK-Rør Gjøvik – Office telephone: 61173040 – Emergency hotline: 90538888 (between 3.30 pm and 7.00 am)

Paying the rent

Your rent and other charges are invoiced monthly and are due on the 20th of every month. Sit does not issue paper invoices. If you do not have a Norwegian bank account and use eFaktura, you must log in to to access your invoice.


All our rooms and apartments are non-smoking, and you are not allowed to smoke anywhere, including the common areas.


All tenants bringing motor vehicles must have a parking permission. The cost of the parking permission is added to your invoice and billed monthly. You apply for parking in the same way, and in the same place, as you apply for housing. Parking permissions are issued according to the first-come-fist-served-principle, since there is a limited amount of parking spaces available.


If energy is not included in the rent, it will be billed monthly with an estimated amount. The actual energy use is controlled and calculated once a year, or upon moving out.


You are responsible for cleaning your own room and apartment, and, along with you co-habitants, for cleaning the shared kitchen and living room. Tenants must thoroughly clean all common areas once a year.

Lost keys

During our opening hours, you can contact Sit. Outside ordinary opening hours, you must contact our emergency hotline for help getting into your apartment. This service carries a fee, cf. our price list for additional services and fees.


The student housings in Gjøvik have cable Internet. 


Remember to state your exact postal address to your contacts: full name, student housing, apartment no., road, road no., zip code and city. Mail that is insufficiently labeled will not be delivered by the postal service.


Sit’s insurances cover the buildings only, and does not cover our tenants’ belongings. We strongly encourage every tenant to get home insurance.

Storage rooms

All tenants have access to storage rooms. All storage rooms are labeled with the apartment no. or the number of the shared kitchen. Tenants must supply their own padlocks for storage rooms without preinstalled locks. Do not place valuable items in your storage room, and always make sure it is securely locked.


There is a fire drill at each of our student housings once a year. Always keep up to date on escape routes in case of fire, and the use of fire extinguishing equipment. Take responsibility for you own safety, and the safety of other.