Which detergents should you use

80 % of cleaning is selecting the right detergent. Below we've compiled a small list of places you're likely to want to clean and detergents suitable for the job.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilets

  • Wash basin, the outside of the toilet, the shower cabinet and shower walls: Mr. Muscle, Jif skurekrem or Jif baderom. Use non-metallic scouring pads.
  • Inside of the toilet: Kloring or Jif WC-rens. Use a toilet brush
  • Difficult spots: Jif skurekrem
  • Drain: Klorin
  • Shower curtain: Wash in washing machine at 60 degrees
  • Bathroom cabinets, air vents, doors and mouldings: Jif allrent or similar all-purpose detergent

Cleaning the kitchen

  • Kitchen interior, furniture, air vents, doors, mouldings, walls, light sources, floors, stairs, etc.: Jif allrent or similar all-purpose detergent
  • Difficult spots and sinks: Jif skurekrem
  • Inside of stove: Jif grill- og ovnsrens. Use gloves
  • Outside of stove: Zalo or Jif skurekrem
  • Kitchen fan and fan filter: wash filter and filter cassette in the dish washer, or soak in hot, soapy water
  • Very dirty kitchen fan and fan filter: Jif grill- og ovnsrens.
    This detergent is caustic, so make sure to use rubber gloves
  • Windows and mirrors: Jif glass

Washing the dishes

  • Dish washers: Sun maskinoppvask dishwasher cleaner and Sun glansemiddel rinsing agent
    Do not use Zalo, Sunlight or other soaps in the dish washer
  • Cleaning the dish washer: Sun oppvaskmaskinrens
  • Manual dish washing: Zalo or Sunlight oppvaskmiddel