Subscriptions and offers

Coffee deal 

Do you love coffee? Then we are happy to tell you we have student price for black coffee! Bring your own cup (up to 0.4 l) and get black coffee in the canteen for NOK 12. Use your own mug (up to 0,4L) or buy the Sit mug for 169 NOK. 

Student price for coffee is available in all our canteens and kiosks in Gjøvik, Trondheim and Ålesund, except our coffee shops KRUS Kaffebar and SITO. 

Soup discount card

With the soup discount card, you get every 6th soup for free. You can get the card in all our cafeterias that offer soup.

Other discounts

We regularly offer discounts on some food and drinks in our cafeterias and kiosks.