Subscriptions and offers

We have a variety of offers in our eateries.

Fruit subscription: 300,–

Need a snack? Fruit is healthy and convenient when you’re hungry in-between meals. Get a fruit subscription for 300 NOK per semester! This entitles you to pick up a fruit such as an apple, orange or banana every day from any of our eateries or kiosks. During exam periods, this even includes weekends.

The coffee club: Kaffe10

To become a member you have to buy the coffee club cup for 49 NOK in the canteen, the coffee shop or the kiosk. Then you will get cheaper coffee and other tempting membership offers. The cup is your membership certificate, so always remember to bring it with you when you want buy coffee. For a member of the club, a big cup of coffee costs 10 NOK.  You can use the cup in all our cafes, canteens and kiosks. The offer applies for black coffee and tea.