Sits food services

About our food services

To study well you need to eat well. In our eateries you will find nutritious, freshly prepared various warm dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches, fruit and much more, giving you a healthy meal at student friendly prices. You get to pick and mix your own combination of salads and warm dishes which is then weighed at the cashier and paid for by hectograms. Whereas the cafeterias offer various options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, your will find hot coffee, cold beverages, a quick meal or a hot cinnamon roll and much more at the kiosks and coffee bars.

Special diet

Every day you can find gluten free, lactose reduced and vegetarian meals at the menu. In addition to this we also have a broad variety of other allergy friendly food products in our canteens. If you have any questions about the content of the food, please contact the staff.

Care for the environment

To reduce food waste, we have taken measures such as introducing Today’s Cut which gives you a 50 % discount on sandwiches etc. that are close to expiry date, as well as letting you decide on the size of your serving by offering salads and warm dishes buffet style.

Do you have any suggestions to how we can improve?

What we offer in our cafeterias, kiosks and coffee bars is being continuously developed in close cooperation with the students.  Any suggestions are welcome and if you want to be involved, you can participate in the User Committee. Please contact us to join!