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Rápido Gløshaugen



As the name suggests, at Rápido, things should move quickly! If you are in a hurry between lectures or appointments, you always have time to stop by the kiosk for some food or snacks. Here you'll find fresh lunch dishes made at our catering department at Gløshaugen, a wide selection of beverages, dairy products, snacks, and more. The self-service checkouts make paying even faster. We have two Rápido kiosks, one at Gløshaugen and one at Dragvoll.

Look for Digg Pris when you're shopping!

If you're after a good deal, keep an eye out for products marked with Digg Pris. Every week, we have offers on food and drinks in the kiosk. Additionally, we have certain products that have a consistently low price.


Stilken is our plant-based food concept. All Stilken products are made in our own kitchen according to our own recipes. In the kiosk, you'll find a small selection of these products, along with some plant-based items from other suppliers.

Dagens Kutt

Dagens Kutt features products sold at half price due to their date. All our sandwiches or baked goods are fresh. Whatever we don't sell during a day, we reduce to half price the next day. Dairy products and other items with a best before date are discounted as they approach their expiration.