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Value Added Tax (MVA) in voluntary organizations

Association course

The course for those working in a MVA-liable student association.

Course information

  • Duration: One afternoon

  • Places: 25

  • Price: Free, unreported absences will incur a fee of NOK 300.

What to do when your association is subject to MVA?

Many student associations have questions about which parts of their operations are subject to value added tax (MVA), what documentation the Tax Administration requires, and what your association can get compensated for in terms of MVA.

During this themed evening, we will go through what value added tax is and the regulations related to MVA, what makes an association subject to MVA, how to submit documentation for this, and what MVA compensation entails.

The course is suitable for those responsible for finances, leaders, and project managers with financial responsibilities, and there will be ample opportunities to ask questions along the way.

"A good introduction to the legislation that gives us more confidence to make our own assessments. We got answers to what we were wondering about, plus it was relevant to hear about the challenges of other associations."

  • Chief Financial Officer in a student association