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The necessary conversation

Association course

The Necessary Conversation" is a discussion that may be difficult to initiate and typically arises from a concern or suspicion. It's for those who want to improve their ability to address challenges or difficult topics and seek tools to conduct such conversations effectively.

Course information

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Places: 12

  • Price: Free, unreported absences will incur a fee of NOK 300.

Topics covered in the course:

  • How to conduct "The Necessary Conversation"
  • Preparation, execution, and follow-up
  • Key considerations for conducting a difficult conversation

We recommend combining this with the course "Leadership, Work Environment, and Communication."

Course leaders

  • Roar has completed the teacher education program at NTNU, majoring in physical education and sports science. Additionally, Roar has extensive experience in student volunteering in both Oslo and Trondheim, including involvement with student associations, Under Dusken, and the Student Democracy at NTNU. Roar is responsible for the association courses and works closely with student volunteering for Sit.

  • Anette is a trained journalist with extensive experience in the media industry. Additionally, Anette holds a master's degree in history from NTNU. She is the project manager for Lykkepromille and conducts Orientation Courses and courses in The Necessary Conversation.