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  3. Sorg- og livsmestring (Grief and life coping)

Sorg- og livsmestring (Grief and life coping)


Mastery course

Have you experienced a death that you need help processing?

Course information

  • Duration: 1,5 time

  • Places: 8

  • Price: Gratis

Here you can meet other students in similar situations. We work together to cope with grief.

Course content:

  • Allowing space for grief in a busy everyday life
  • Life coping in a situation where grief hinders daily life
  • Students living with grief come together and exchange experiences

We both have extensive experience in grief work and are available for conversations with students from all campuses, regardless of beliefs. You choose the topic – we have the time!

It's so good to talk to someone else who has lost someone close to them. It's comforting not to be alone with these thoughts and feelings.

Student 24 years old

Course leaders

  • Ludvig har bred erfaring fra bl.a. feltprest i forsvaret, studentprest i Norges kristelige student- og skoleungdomslag og har siden 2009 vært prest i Byåsen kirke. Studentprest i Trondheim siden 2022.

  • Lena har jobbet som prest siden 2007, hvorav ni år som studentprest og sjømannsprest i Australia og Sveits. Studentprest i Trondheim siden 2019.