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Leadership seminar

Association course

Only available in the spring semester. The course is designed for those in leadership positions and other key roles.

Course information

  • Duration: 6 Hours

  • Places: 30

  • Price: Free

We focus on the leadership role and invite you as a student leader to a series of professional development, sharing of experiences, and inspiration.

The leadership seminar is relevant for all students who hold a voluntary leadership position or key role, whether as a leader/vice-leader in a group, a committee, or for an entire organization. During the seminar, you will receive professional development, participate in discussions and exercises, and exchange experiences with other student leaders.

Course leaders

  • Roar has completed the teacher education program at NTNU, majoring in physical education and sports science. Additionally, Roar has extensive experience in student volunteering in both Oslo and Trondheim, including involvement with student associations, Under Dusken, and the Student Democracy at NTNU. Roar is responsible for the association courses and works closely with student volunteering for Sit.