TRENING Sign up and payment of membership

How do I become a member?

  • The easiest way to become a member is by creating a user on and by clicking the button "buy gym membership" and select the membership you want. 
  • Follow the instructions on this page.

What is the difference between monthly paid and pre-paid cash memberships?

We offer monthly (direct debit) memberships, with and without a fixed term. As well as a limited amount of pre-paid cash memberships. Please see the prices for our memberships here.

Monthly direct debit (AvtaleGiro) with/without a fixed term

  • The monthly memberships are based upon a direct debit, also known as AvtaleGiro, as a payment method. This means that an invoice automatically will be sent to you or through your direct debit contract at your bank once a month.
  • The monthly memberships will automatically renew itself every month, until you actively terminate your membership. Read more about termination of memberships further down the page. 
  • Monthly memberships are valid throughout entire calendar months, from the 1st and until the 30th/31st every month. The exception is upon registration; you get a valid membership from the day you sign up, and after that you start paying for full calendar months.
  • These memberships are like subscriptions and will run until you cancel them. 

Pre-paid cash memberships

  • Pre-paid cash memberships do not renew automatically.
  • You pay for 1 month, from date to date (for example: 14.11-14.12), and the membership is automatically terminated after the last valid day.

What do I pay for when I sign up?

Monthly memberships

  • For memberships with a monthly direct debit, you pay for the remaining days of the current month, the entire next month and a registration fee of 50 NOK when you buy a membership. 
  • After this, you'll receive a monthly invoice with a payment due date of the 20th, where you'll pay for the next month. This will continue until you physically cancel the membership. See more information below. 

For example: you buy a membership in mid-August. You then pay for the remaining days of August + the whole of September + 50 NOK in registration fee. The 20th of September you'll pay for October month.

  • If you have chosen the most affordable membership with a fixed term, membership at your University's sports association is included in the price (this applies to NTNU-students and employees, or for students at DMMH college). You’ll also receive an additional invoice of NOK 50 each year, in January. This sports contingent goes directly to the sports associations of the Universities we collaborate with (NTNUI, DMMHI and NTNU BIL).
  • Please note! If you don't pay the annual sports contingency, your membership will be transferred to a membership contract with a higher monthly price (e.g. our memberships without a fixed term). A condition for the most affordable membership is that you agree to support the sport association.

Pre-paid cash memberships

  • If you have chosen a pre-paid cahs membership, the entire amount for the chosen period is paid in one transaction when registering.

How do I pay for my membership after signing up?

Monthly memberships with a direct debit (AvtaleGiro)

  • You pay the first installment by registering online or at one of our staffed receptions. The first installment is paid by your preferred card. 
  • If you have a Norwegian bank account and are 18 years or older, our memberships can be paid via a monthly direct debit (AvtaleGiro). 
  • You sign up and approve a direct debit (AvtaleGiro) after finishing the first installment. 
  • You can also approve a direct debit payment at a later point by clicking the button "Approve direct debit" on My Page.
  • If you do not approve a direct debit payment, you'll receive an invoice every month, with an invoice fee of 40 NOK. 
  • See further down the page for FAQ about direct debit (AvtaleGiro).

Pre-paid cash memberships

  • With pre-paid cash memberships, the entire amount for the chosen period is paid in one transaction when registering.
  • No reimbursment or freeze is given to these types of memberships. You will not receive any more invoices or installments after you've paid for the membership.