TRENING Freeze or termination of membership

What is freeze?

  • Freezing your membership is an opportunity to take a temporary break for a period without paying the ordinary membership fee.
  • A membership can be frozen for whole calendar months (30 or 31 days), where you decide the start date. You can for example freeze your membership from 15th of June until 15th of July. 
  • The membership can be frozen from the following day or at a later date.  

For example: if you want to freeze your membership from 10th of April 2021 to 10th of May 2021, you need to give us notice at least one day before: on 9th of April 2021. Your gym membership will then be frozen within the date range you’ve requested, and invoicing will be postponed by 1 month. On 9th of April 2021, the invoice and deduction have already been created for the month of April, so you will still be deducted the monthly amount on April 20th as usual, but the invoice for the following month will be postponed.

For how long can I freeze my membership?

Membership with a fixed term:

  • Can be frozen for up to two (2) months during the first year of the fixed term.
  • Please note that the fixed term will be moved forward as many months as you freeze.

Membership without a fixed term:

  • Can be frozen one (1) month per calendar year.

Pre-paid cash memberships cannot be frozen.

If you wish a longer freezing period than 1-2 months: 

  • We can grant up to 1 year freeze if you can provide a valid reason (for example: exchange, placement, military service or by presenting a valid medical sertificate).
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected], and attach your documentation on why you need to freeze your membership for a longer period.
  • Please note! It is only possible to freeze whole months, it is not possible to freeze 6 weeks for example. 

How do I freeze my membership?

Freezing a membership can be done visiting the reception at one of our staffed fitness- and sports centers, or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The e-mail must contain the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Period with the start date you wish to freeze your membership

 We process e-mails continuously, but just must expect up to five working days before you receive a reply. 

Termination – how do I terminate my membership?

You can terminate your membership by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The e-mail must contain the following information:​

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Desired date for termination, if you have the opportunity to resign later in time.  

You can also show up physically at one of our staffed fitness- and sport centers, and contact the reception.

How long does the notice period last?

  • All memberships, except for the pre-paid cash memberships, continue until termination of the membership is correctly registered.
  • The notice period is one (1) month, starting from the first month after the termination notice was received.

For example: if you terminate your membership in May, you must also pay the invoice with a due date of 20th of May, which accounts for the month of June.

  • If you have a monthly membership with a fixed term, you must be a member for minimum 12 paying months before you can terminate your contract. After the fixed term, the notice period will be 1 month. This means that if you only want to be a member for 12 months you need to terminate your membership in month 11, otherwise the membership will continue until you terminate it. 
  • In the event of special circumstances, we have the opportunity to terminate your membership with a fixed term; for example if you are moving to another part of the country, finished your studies etc. You must be able to present valid documentation of this.