TRENING Direct debit frequently asked questions

What is a direct debit (AvtaleGiro)?

  • A direct debit (AvtaleGiro) is a payment agreement between you and your bank. 
  • With a direct debit you'll be automatically withdrawn for the membership payment every month from your bank account. The payment due date is the 20th of each month.
  • To set up a direct debit you need to have a Norwegian bank account and must be 18 years old or older. 

How do I set up a direct debit (AvtaleGiro)?

  • The fastest way to set up a direct debit is when you buy a gym membership online. 
  • Please have your bankID available, and remember to set a high enough withdrawal limit. We recommend a withdrawal limit of 2-3000 NOK, so that you have the opportunity to add additional products later without receiving an additional invoice for this. Sit only deducts the agreed amount every month. 
  • If you want to set up the direct debit after you've purchased the membership, this can be done via My page and by clicking the button "Approve direct debit". When you've entered your account details it will take approx. 3 working days before the direct debit is activated. 
  • You can also set up the direct debit via your online banking service. This can be done when you receive your first invoice. Fill in the KID-number and Sit Trening's account number stated on your invoice.
  • If you need help setting up a direct debit (AvtaleGiro), look at your bank's frequently asked questions page or contact your bank for assistance.

Why should I set up a direct debit?

  • By setting up a direct debit you'll avoid receiving an invoice fee of 40 NOK for your upcoming installments, and you do not have remember to go to the reception to pay each installment. 
  • If you do not want to set up a direct debit, you'll receive an invoice every month with an invoice fee of 40 NOK. Alternatively, you must pay your installments at the reception BEFORE the invoices are produced (approx. 14 days before the due date, which is the 20th of each month). 

Which date is the monthly amount deducted?

  • The payment due date is the 20th of each month. 
  • You then pay for the upcoming month. So, for example on the 20th of October you'll pay for the period; 1st of November until 30th of November.

Why do I receive an invoice fee when I have set up a direct debit?

  • You have set up the payment agreement to close to the due date / deduction date.
  • Our membership system is updated every weekday with the latest status from the banking system. The direct debit authorisation must be approved when the invoicing takes place, which is 14 days before the due date, in order for you to receive the invoice as a direct debit.
  • In other words, your direct debit must be set up and active no later than 14 days before the payment due date.
  • The due date is the 20th, which means that the direct debit must be activated no later than the 6th for the bank to be able to treat it as a direct debit payment. It takes approx. 2-3 days from setting up the agreement until it becomes active in your bank and we receive the information.

Why isn't my direct debit activated?

You are responsible for setting up a direct debit (AvtaleGiro) and ensuring that it is active. If you have done so, there may be several reasons why the direct debit haven't been activated: 

  • I set up a direct debit recently: it will take a few days before the payment agreement is activated.

  • I set up a fixed payment agreement instead of a direct debit: a fixed payment is not the same as a direct debit. By entering a fixed payment agreement, you’ll be invoiced via invoice, which includes an invoice fee.

  • There is already a direct debit in my online bank (for example if you have been a member earlier): if you have a direct debit with us already, a new direct debit agreement won’t be activated until the old one is deleted. Please note! Once you’ve deleted the old one, you’ll have to wait 2 days until you can create a new agreement, so that the old one doesn’t get reactivated.

  • Another person owns the account number I provided: for the direct debit agreement to be activated, the account owner must sign it with his/her bankID.

I have changed banks, what do I do with the direct debit?

  • Create a new direct debit agreement with your new bank. The old agreement will then be deleted, and the new agreement will be linked to your membership.

Do I have to renew my direct debit membership after 12 months?

  • No, the direct debit is active until you terminate it.
  • The membership renews itself one month at a time after the fixed term is completed, if you haven’t asked for a termination of your membership.

I have deleted the direct debit, why do I still get an invoice for the membership?

  • To terminate the membership, you must send us an e-mail to officially cancel it. See further down the page for more information. 
  • If you only delete the direct debit, only the monthly payment method will be removed while the membership will continue. 

What happens if I forget an invoice / do not pay a deduction?

  • If you have an unpaid invoice, you’ll receive a reminder by SMS with the payment info, 8 days after the due date. This is only a reminder, without a reminder fee. 
  • If the invoice is still unpaid 14 days after the due date, our payment provider Remind AS will send you a reminder/collection notice with a reminder fee. This can be paid using your online banking service or by using the payment portal at Here you can pay with Vipps or a debit card.  
  • Should you have accumulated 5 outstanding invoices, we will have to terminate your membership.

Where can I find my invoice?

  • Invoices are sent to you digitally via e-mail or Digipost. Please check your junk mail, as this is an automatic invoice sending and Sit Trening is not the sender.
  • The final alternative is by standard post, if you've registered your full adress.

What is my KID-number? And what is Sit Trening's account number?

  • You can find your KID-number on the last invoice you received. If you can’t find the agreement or the invoice please stop by one of our staffed receptions or send us and email at [email protected].
  • The correct account number for Sit Trening can be found on the last invoice you received. Please note! A payment must contain the correct KID-number to be linked to your invoices.