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In need of emergency care?

Sit doesn’t offer any emergency services. It’s your GP or GP office that is your main contact with the Norwegian health service. It is recommended that you register with a GP in the town you’ll stay the most.

Who should I contact?

  • Call the emergency room on 116 117 when the GP is unavailable, and the help cannot wait.
  • Gjøvik Hospital's emergency room can be reached on +47 61 13 70 00 from 3pm to 8am
  • Call 113 in the event of an accident or serious incident.

Digital consultations – how do I prepare?

We offer both physical and digital consultations. You can read more about how to prepare for a digital consultation here:

Digital consultations

How much and how do I pay?

For the first four consultations in your treatment course, you’ll pay a deductible of 200 NOK per appointment. All appointments after this are free of charge.

We use PayEx Checkout (mobile payment for cards, invoices and Vipps) payment solution. After 48 hours, an invoice will be issued to your registered address. We therefore recommend that you try to pay via SMS within 48 hours.

Do you have a problem with our payment solution? Call 22 03 63 40 and you’ll get help!

I’m an exchange student, how can I get help?

Contact the local health service at the place you’re studying. Are you a member of ANSA? Read more about their service on their web-pages.

Our blog: quality-checked articles that can help you

We’ve collected, reviewed, and written several articles which you can take usage of in your daily, student life. Read more about it on our blog here.

Sit mental health blog

Whether you’re about to start treatment with us or maybe you feel that a therapy treatment is not right for you right now, you will find several good articles and videos that can strengthen you. The content can help you better understand yourself and others as well as give you tools that can strengthen you in student life.