People arriving from ten eastern Norwegian municipalities is asked to get tested for Covid-19

Trondheim and Ålesund municipality strongly advise people arriving from the ten eastern municipalities (see the list below) affected by the mutated corona virus to get tested. This also includes people who have had visitors from these areas. Gjøvik municipality has not yet commented the matter.  

This request applies to people who have arrived in Trondheim and Ålesund in the last ten days. It is preferred that those who arrive from these areas are tested as soon as possible after arrival, and again seven days after arrival. These people are requested to book testing through the municipalities’ websites:

This request also applies to people who in the last ten days have been visited by people from the same municipalities. These people are also requested to limit their social contacts to a minimum. 

The student welfare organisation (Sit) in Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund request that students who arrive from these municipalities or have been in contact with people from these municipalities should avoid all training at Sit sports and fitness centres, and social contact on campus, our student centre and student and activity houses until they have taken a negative coronavirus test on day 7 after arrival in the study city.

This request applies to the following municipalities:

  • Nordre Follo
  • Oslo
  • Enebakk
  • Ås
  • Vestby
  • Nesodden
  • Indre Østfold
  • Moss
  • Frogn
  • Våler