Helsestasjon for seksuell helse Gjøvik

Self-tests on campus

Do you want to get tested for chlamydia or gonorrhoea? We offer free self-test which you can use on campus Gjøvik. You can find the free self-tests at the accessible toilets in G-building (ground floor). 

  • Fill out the form. You don't have to wait or talk to health care professional first, unless you have any questions.
  • Take the self-test.
  • When you've taken the self-test, place it together with the form in the mailbox in the toilet.
  • If your test is positive, you’ll be contacted by one of our health professionals within 2 weeks, and they'll arrange an appointment to discuss your treatment.
  • "No news is good news": if you don’t hear anything from us within 2 weeks, you’ve tested negatively.

​The mailbox is emptied every Thursday at 3.00pm. If you have any questions please contact one of our advisors or call the health station for youths at +47 611 89 521.


Free health station at Gjøvik town hall

The health station for youths is a free offer for you as a student at Gjøvik. The healt station is located on the 2nd floor at Gjøvik town hall (Gjøvik city center). The health station offers: 

  • contraceptive guidance
  • testing of STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • conversations and advice related to pregnancy
  • guidance and advice related to questions about sexuality, gender identity, substance abuse or eating disorders

Contact the health station directly for any questions you might have: 

Read more about the offer (please note that the page is in Norwegian).