FAQ PT-Intro

How long does a PT-intro session last?

PT-intro is an introductory session to Sit Trening and our training offer. The session lasts 25 minutes.

What is the difference between PT-intro and a regular PT session?

PT-intro is a chance to meet up with one of our dedicated and skilled personal trainers. Our personal trainers will help you put words to what your fitness goal is. They can advise you on what a realistic fitness goal is, how often you should work out and what exercises you should focus on to achieve this goal.

It differs from regular PT sessions where the personal trainer will create and guide you through an individualised training program, so that you can achieve your fitness goal.

I have signed up for PT-intro, what happens now?

Meet up at the reception of the fitness centre you chose when booking the session. The PT will meet you here and guide you through the session.

Can I book more than one PT-intro?

No, when you sign up as a member, you’re entitled to one free PT-intro session. If you want more time with one of our PTs you’ll have to book regular PT sessions.

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Can I choose which PT I want for my PT-intro session?

No, you cannot choose a specific PT for your PT-intro session. You can only choose the date, time, and fitness center. All our PTs have introductory sessions and you will be assigned a slot with the PT that is available.