Digital consultations

Video and telephone consultations are a new offer and can be an alternative to physical consultations.

We use "Confrere" for video consultations, and "Skype for Business" for telephone consultations.

On this page you can find all the information you need to connect to a video or telephone consultation with us.

Foto av: Christin Hume v/Unsplash

Foto av: Christin Hume v/Unsplash

Video consultation

Digital consultation FAQ

To have a video consultation, you must have the following:

  • Mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a microphone and camera.
  • Headphones – this ensures good sound quality and blocks out any other noise, as well as it limits the ability of others to overhear the conversation (if you use a speaker, you should make sure that you sit in a place shielded from others).
  • A secure and stable Internet connection (WIFI, 4G).


  • We would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the instructions prior to the consultation – preferably 15-10 minutes before the consultation begins.
  • Make sure you are seated in a place where confidential information cannot be overheard by others. We are aware that quarantine and isolation together with your flatmates can make it difficult to solve this.

Consent and confidentiality

  • Video consultations are voluntary.
  • When you participate, you agree to receive health care, just as with a physical consultation. The provider of the video solution only has access to your e-mail address, telephone number or other necessary information to set up and carry out the call.
  • In the same way as physical consultations, the Health Personnel Act and the Patient Rights Act's rules on duty of confidentiality will govern the video consultation and processing of information during the interview. Relevant and necessary health information is recorded in the same way as if the conversation takes place face to face or by telephone.

How to connect

  • You will receive an SMS or e-mail from your therapist, with a link to a website that you must click on. If you have a foreign number (number not starting with +47) we have to send the link to your e-mail. Please be aware that you have to approve of e-mail contact, as it is not complient with the general requirements for safe patient contact.
  • When you’ve entered the website, click on the name of your therapist
  • Enter your name and phone number
  • Then press the «Next» button
  • Confirm your identity by selecting either BankID or BankID on mobile and follow the usual instructions.

After confirming your identity, follow the rest of the steps involved in testing audio, camera and network quality.

Then you can press the button «I am ready, notify [name of your therapist]». Keep the window open until your therapist contacts you. Then press the "Accept call" button.


Telephone consultation

Telephone consultation is usually only used if we need to clarify something with you, or if you want to cancel the appointment or change the time of your appointment. However, a consultation can also take place by telephone if it is not technically or geographically possible to carry out physically or via video, or a situation arises where you need to get in touch with us quickly. You and your therapist call each other via "Skype for Business". In comparison with video consultation, we recommend that you use earplugs or headphones and sit in a place that is shielded from others, so that they cannot overhear the conversation.


Payment after a video or telephone consultation takes place in the same way as for a physical consultation: you'll receive an SMS with instructions for electronic payment via MediPay or Vipps. With us, you do not pay for the first consultation, this is the consultation where your needs are addressed and we decide whether our therapists can give you the right treatment or if you should be referred elsewhere. On the other hand, when you start treatment with us, you pay 200 NOK for the first four consultations, a total of 800 NOK. All consultations after that are free.