Practical information


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You are responsible for cleaning your own apartment. This includes the veranda, if you have one. Along with the other tenants, you are responsible for cleaning shared rooms and the kitchen, including the refrigerator, freezer and cooking stove, as well as the corridors and the entrance. Make a rotation list and follow it.

Fire alarm

Sørnesvågen has a fire alarm that automatically notifies the Ålesund Fire department.

Bøgata, Gåseidmarka and Fogdegården does not automatically notify the Fire department. Fires must be reported by calling the emeregency number 110.

If you accidentally trigger the fire alarm, immediately contact our security company by calling 915 02347. This does not apply for Sørnesvågen.

Storage room

For every room or apartment there's a designated private or shared storage room. Do not place valuable items in storage. Everything stored must be clearly labeled with your name and room number. Remember to empty the storage of your belongings when you move out.


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