Moving out

Termination of lease and moving out

  • You have to give notice a minimum of two months in advance. You hand in your notice on
  • Return keys and laundry cards no later than 9 a.m. on the morning following you contract's end.
    If you have to return the key and laundry card outside ordinary opening hours, you kan deposit them in the locked mailbox labeled "Vaktmester" at your student village.
  • At the earliest, your deposit will be refunded by the middle of the month after you have moved out.

Cleaning inspection of the apartment when you move out

Sit Bolig will inspect all rooms and apartments when tenants move out. If the room or apartment isn't properly cleaned, you're given the chance to do it there and then. If you do not, Sit will see to the cleaning and you will be charged according to our price list for additional services and fees.

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