Visiting arrangement for students

Visiting arrangement for students from other welfare organisations

Students who pay tuition fees to a welfare organisation may also use some of the services of all other welfare organisations. Here is a summary of the services you as a visitor may use at Sit:


You may purchase membership at ordinary student prices. If you have purchased a membership for training with the welfare organisation to which you have paid the tuition fee, we have a guest training arrangement.

Food and drinks

You may use our food/drink/canteen/café services at the same prices as other students.


If you need student housing for a period, you may apply for housing with Sit at the same prices as other students. Sit has an allocation policy that prioritises between different groups of students in periods when there are too few units.


You can apply for a kindergarten space with Sit.

Health services

Health services are a scarcity, and often involve waits. At Sit the Health service for sexual health is open for visiting students.

Services that are not included in the arrangement

Other health services, courses and counselling are not covered by the arrangement. You may not use refund schemes funded by tuition fees paid to Sit, and you may not use our schemes for support to student volunteer work.