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Student-centeredness, collaboration, and sustainability

These are the cornerstones of our strategy towards 2030. We set high ambitions, not only for ourselves but also for the students and the community around us.

Les Sit sin strategi

We aim to create greater societal impact and positive ripple effects. This is achieved through collaboration with employees, students, and other stakeholders in our ecosystem.

Together, we will work to improve the quality of life for students in our university towns and, in the long run, across the entire country.

Hente fra Strategien "Sit mot 2030"

Our services are intended to serve as leading examples, and through collaboration, we will scale up solutions and contribute to increased understanding of the factors that affect students' quality of life nationally.

We adopt a strength-based approach to quality of life and student welfare. Students will be empowered to utilize their strengths and resources. We will encourage active community participation and sustainable initiatives. Our work emphasizes that all students should experience a sense of belonging and purpose in their academic lives.

Areas of focus and impact goals towards 2030