Our organization

Sit wants to contribute to the students’ well-being, and recruit more students to Gjøvik, Ålesund and Trondheim.

In collaboration with students we aim to develop attractive welfare services they need. We can engage in external business when this helps to increase student welfare. Committed staff, support for student volunteering culture and working closely with students and educational institutions are the pillars of our work.


Sit is organized into three departments: Sit Bolig, Sit Kafe and Sit Velferd, in addition to shared administrative services. We also have several subsidiaries and associated companies.

Board and management

The Board is our highest organ, with representatives of the students, educational institutions and employees. The chairman is a student which means that the students have a majority vote. The top management in Sit consists of seven people. Most board meeting reports are open to the public.

Board meeting reports


Sit collaborates with a number of institutions and associations. Here is a list of educational institutions, student organizations and other student welfare organizations.

Our history

Sit was established in 1948, but it all started in 1921.

Find us on the map

You can find us many places in Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund.

Map: Sit in Trondheim
Map: Sit in Gjøvik
Map: Sit in Ålesund

Logo and pictures

Our logo, and pictures in high definition.


We work especially with contributing to a healthy environment in the areas of waste, energy and recycling.

Tuition fee

All students in Norway must pay tuition to their student welfare organization. Sit has chosen to let the students themselves, through the Welfare Council, decide how the money is spent. The Welfare Council also suggests the size of the fee, and the money is used among other things to:

  • Support for student clubs and associations
  • Sport for students
  • Mental health services
  • Reimbursement of major health expenses
  • Counseling and mastery courses