All our departments have initiated measures to promote a more environmentally friendly life.

miljø i sit


  • Water-saving showers in the wardrobes.
  • Automatically regulation of lights in the multipurpose rooms.
  • Energy saving training equipment.


  • Reduced food waste, and environmentally friendly disposable products.
  • Eco-certified kiosks.
  • Vegetarian food.
  • The Coffee Club: You use the same aluminium cup every time you drink coffee.


  • Waste separation.
  • El-locks and energy efficient appliances.
  • Water-saving showers, and toilets with low water consumption.
  • Energy efficient management of room temperature.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • Environmetal friendly laundries.
  • Passive houses and low energy houses.


  • Waste separation.
  • Creative reuse
  • The kindergartens are certified under the Green Flag program, an international environment certification for kindergartens, primary schools and high schools.


  • Energy-saving measures like turning off lights and computers.
  • Saving measures like printing on both sides of sheets.